Aussie Creams (Monochrome) Textile Design - Manufacturing Licence

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One of the best sellers: this dreamy ice-creamy fabric design celebrates some of Australia's sweetest creamy treats in MONOCHROME…

Terms and Conditions:

Manufacturing license means the design is not exclusively yours - it will be sent direct to you in good faith that you will:
1) not alter the design in any way
2) purchase the appropriate license, depending on quantity being printed
3) ensure that your manufacturer will not be making this design available to anyone other than yourself
4) understand that other individuals have equal access to this design

The repeat tile will be emailed to the address specified as a JPEG within 2 working days. A free file change is included (please specify if you require PDF or AI). Please carefully examine the design and scale before purchasing as refunds are not possible. Feel free to email for more information before purchasing. 

Colour changes or additional colourways can also be provided for an additional price - please see drop down variants.

For items of a similar nature please see the 'Australiana' tag or the Manufacturing License collection.

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