Girt Squad

What on earth is the Girt Squad (click the link!)?

One of my proudest achievements is being the founder and Creative Director of Girt Squad. Girt Squad is as wholesome Aussie as it gets: a collective of Australian makers working together to release a cohesive collection of goods twice a year. Every product is designed and made in Australia by high quality makers who are outstanding in their area of expertise (Zilvi, Kenzie Collective, Kablooie Store, Pretty Parcel and Fussy Gus, to name a few).

Many Australian creatives can feel isolated in their practice and do not have the resources required to create an entire collection of goods or to pay for unique designs. Rather than stretching each maker beyond their knowledge or skills, the Girt Squad initiative encourages the makers to work together to create a cohesive collection and then focus on their own craft. For the consumer, this means an online store where everything matches PERFECTLY, is Australian made, ethically made and brilliantly made and then shipped direct from the maker to their doorstop. The customer gets to experience the joy of owning unique, limited edition, matching wares (and supporting small businesses!) and the makers get to experience the utter joy of collaboration and the resources available when women band together.

The next season is launching in 2019, check it out on Instagram