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Pretty Painted Moths

Regular price $425.00

Sketchy moths, fluttering into the night and day. Night creatures are becoming increasingly popular and with the rise of Butterflies as a Summer trend, moths are a fun sidestep for the trend-savvy company.
Background can be changed to suit.

A few important notes before purchasing:

* This design is available for EXCLUSIVE SALE. That means it will be completely yours after purchase, removed from sale and no longer available to anyone else as yardage or otherwise. You can print as many metres as you want, as many times as you want.

* This design is currently not available for sale anywhere else.

* Due to the painterly nature of this design, I am unable to change the colours except for the background, which is easily changed. Should you require a design of a similar nature in a different palette, please feel free to commission a design (see below).

* Due to the painterly nature of this design, I am unable to provide this as a layered file for screenprinting. Should you require a layered design of a similar nature, please feel free to commission a design (see below).

* Assuming no changes are required, your design will be sent via the email provided within 24 hours. If changes are required (and possible - please see above), these can take between 3 and 5 days depending on the complexity.

If you would like to commission a design of a similar complexity to this one it would cost the same amount (excluding Sale prices), plus $75. I am also able to perfectly match colours to this design in order to create coordinate repeats and develop a fabric range. Simple repeats start at $400 and a discount of 10% is given for 4+ designs. Use the Contact form for more information on commissioning art.

Thank you for loving and purchasing my art!