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Her Creative Hustle

Interview with Elska of Elska Music  (click here for iTunes, Spotify or on Elska's website) where we chat all things from growing up in the country to being on the stage and hustling with 4 kids...


TEDx Talk at Helensvale Library on September 14th, 2018

I was pretty honoured to speak at Helensvale Library's TEDx in late 2018. The theme for the event was Crafting a Living so of course I had plenty to say ;) The TEDx format is 'no longer than 18 minutes' and I manage to swiftly meander through topics like: using your fears as motivation, finding your passion, seeking collaborations and how the robots are going to take over the world. 

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to shoot me a message if it's been meaningful to you!

Print + Pattern

It has been my dream for YEARS to be featured on the Print and Pattern blog - one of the very first blogs I discovered that features incredible surface pattern artists. Such an incredible variety is featured and it's well-known that art agencies scour the pages to find new talent...

Gold Coast Bulletin

November 9, 2018

ellie whittaker gold coast bulletin

Mums With Hustle

Interview with Tracy Harris for her Mums with Hustle podcast.

Daily Life Article

Article in Daily Life by Fairfax Media.

Frankie Magazine

All designs in Alfie's 2015 Diner Range were created by Ellie Whittaker and featured in Frankie Magazine online.

Peekaboo Magazine

Collaboration with Kapow Kids as featured on Peekaboo Magazine.

Next State Print

Complete interview with Ellie for Next State Print can be found here.